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ECRS To Change Shopping Experience WIth New Robotic Checkout Technology

ECRS - RAPTORYour weekly trip to get milk, eggs, and bread will soon never be the same. There is new robotic checkout technology now available for your local grocery store. It will lead to the coolest and most unique shopping experience you have ever had. And people across Chicagoland saw it first hand on July 10.

ECR Software Corporation, a Boone-based leading provider of point of sale- based retail automation, is introducing RAPTOR. RAPTOR is an accelerated checkout lane. Cosmopolitan Marketplace in Aurora will have 10 checkout lanes featuring RAPTOR.

The RAPTOR, which stands for Retail Application Prototype Testing of Operational Robotics, allows for a revolutionary new experience.  It features the following:

  • Automatically scans each item robotically, dramatically speeding up the checkout process.  The system uses advanced high performance 360-degree imaging technology
  • The system automatically recognizes items by using advanced image recognition that auto-learns each item in the store
  • Facilitates a seamless, thrilling checkout transaction experience and offers several patent-pending features that make checking out easier and more pleasant for the customer
  • Cashier voice control and command system that enables cashiers to keep hands free for bagging or manual exception handling while still managing the customer’s checkout experience
  • Projected consumer guidance system that displays transaction prompts and real-time virtual receipt right where the customer places items on the belt
  • Sound guidance that is designed to instruct/alert cashiers when an item should be bagged or requires manual assistance
  • Designed to allow the attendant to focus on the customer and successfully bagging each item correctly

RAPTOR is an accelerated checkout lane, not a self-checkout.  The cashier plays a vital role in the customer experience while using this technology.

“The role of the cashier’s changed. They’re no longer spending 99 percent of their time scanning the items,” says Pete Catoe.  He’s the Founder, President, and CEO of ECRS. “They’re spending their time bagging the items… correctly and enhancing the overall consumer experience.  You’ve probably experienced times where your meat products were bagged with chemicals.  That won’t happen with our system.”

Click here to see the technology in action:

During a 2013 trade show: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7izjEtjK3maYlpQTV9rRU8ySjg/view

A company-produced video: http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/7cumchfhn3?canonicalUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fecrs.wistia.com%2Fmedias%2F7cumchfhn3&canonicalTitle=RAPTOR™%20–%20Automated%20Scanning%20-%20ecrs