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Domino Effect: New CT Scanner Creates Waves of Improvements Across Healthcare System

Jan. 3, 2014. Thanks to the Cannon Memorial Hospital Summer Celebration, a fundraiser sponsored by Appalachian Regional Healthcare Foundation, $650,000 was raised to purchase a new 64 Slice CT Scanner for Cannon Memorial Hospital (CMH).

1055The new scanner was purchased in July 2013 as an upgrade to CMH’s existing 16 Slice CT Scanner. Strategically selected by the Foundation as an optimal fundraising initiative, the 64 Slice CT Scanner serves as the first block in a domino effect to enhance Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (ARHS) as a whole. 

After the installation was complete at CMH, ARHS wasted no time in “moving some furniture” around the system. The 16 Slice ST Scanner removed from CMH was installed at Watauga Medical Center (WMC) to complement its existing 64 Slice CT Scanner and to replace its 4 Slice CT Scanner. WMC’s 4 Slice CT Scanner was reloated to Seby B. Jones Regional Cancer Center (SBJRCC).

“It is wonderful to have a planning CT now located in our facility,” said Radiation Oncologist Dr. Yvonne Mack, medical director of the SBJRCC. 

“The CT allows our patients to stay under one roof for convenient, patient centered care.”

All the CT scanners use the same platform, which allows for prior study comparisons and access to patient treatment plans across the healthcare system.

“It’s extraordinary to consider the ever expanding footprint of influence a single gift can create,” said Rob Hudspeth, Senior Vice President for Advancement for ARHS.

To learn more about Appalachian Regional Healthcare Foundation, visit www.apprhs.org/foundation. For more information about Appalachian Regional Healthcare System, visit www.apprhs.org.