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Customers of New River Light & Power Will See Temporary, Minor Rate Decrease Through Jan. 19, 2014

By Mark S. Kenna

Aug. 26, 2013. Customers of New River Light and Power (NRLP) will see a minor decrease on their upcoming electricity bills through most of January 2014, according to a letter sent out by NRLP last week.

Last week the N.C. Utilities Commission approved an adjustment to electricity rates. The adjustment was made because of wholesale cost estimates that were made in 2012.

During the next five billing periods NRLP customers will receive a credit of $0.002836 kilowatt-hour per hour.  This represents $2.84 decrease for residential, commercial and industrial customers consuming 1,000 kilowatt-hour usage. This will be effective for bills rendered after Aug. 19 through bills rendered before Jan. 19. 

NRLP has been serving the Boone community since 1915.  The company provides electricity to Appalachian State, Boone and within franchised areas assigned by the N.C. Utilities Commission. 

Here are some ways customers can reduce energy costs:

-Replace incandescent lights with compact florescent or light emitting diode (LED) lights

-Install a programmable thermostat

-Seal/Caulk areas around drafty windows and doors

-Add insulation in attic and crawl spaces

For more information on reducing energy costs go to http://www.nrlp.appstate.edu.