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Creators of ‘The Boy Who Flies’ To Visit High Country for Banff, Meet-and-Greet at Footsloggers Sept. 21

THE BOY WHO FLIES – Trailer from Benjamin Jordan on Vimeo.

By Jesse Wood

Sept. 12, 2013. In conjunction with the Banff Mountain Film Festival taking place at the Schaefer Center on the campus of ASU on Sept. 20 and 21, Benjamin Jordan and Godfrey Masuali, the creators of the award-winning documentary “The Boy Who Flies,” are visiting the High Country for lectures on business and photography, a paragliding workshop at Tater Hill and a meet-and-greet at Footsloggers.

Here is an outline of the documentary from the film’s website:

“Following a dream, Canadian paraglider pilot Benjamin Jordan travels to Malawi to teach children the joys of kite flying. There he meets Godfrey, a young man who has always dreamt of flying though has never had the means.

“The odd pair tour the country on bikes, building kites with youth while motivating them to follow their dreams, no matter the challenge. They are destined for Malawi’s highest peak, where after weeks of ground training, the two will attempt to fly down and make Godfrey the first Malawian paraglider pilot.

Observing himself through the eyes of the Malawians, Jordan must come to grips with truths about who he is as a westerner while; Godfrey is required to reach deeper into his faith than ever before as he prepares to leap off a mountain and trust that the paraglider he’s been carrying–will carry him in return.

Shining a new light on Malawian culture and lifestyle, “The Boy Who Flies” dives deep into the unique perspectives of both characters as they confront and overcome the challenges on their journey, each in their own unique way.”

Rich Campbell, associate director of ASU Outdoors Program, said a variety of groups on campus pitched in resources to fly the two to ASU, where they will meet with international student service groups, an international business association, the photography department and work in the local schools.

As for the film, Campbell called it “fantastic” – a real life story.

Aside from Jordan and Masuali attending the screening in the Schaefer Center, here are some other planned events open to the public:

Paragliding Basics Clinic with Bubba Goodman

Benjamin Jordan, and Godfrey Masauli

When: Saturday, Sept. 21, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Where: Tater Hill

Come out and meet the creators of the Banff Mountain Film Festival award-winning video “The Boy Who Flies.” Bubba Goodman is graciously offering a great open space for the public to come out and get their hands on paragliding gear and learn more about the sport. Click here for information about the movie.

Meet and Greet Benjamin Jordan and Godfrey Masauli

When: Saturday, Sept. 21, 1 to 4 p.m.
Where: At Footsloggers in downtown Boone

Have some questions for these inspirational guys? Come learn about their new efforts to help individuals realize their dreams in life. Their documentary “The Boy Who Flies” will play during the Banff Mountain Film Festival on Friday evening. Click here for information about the movie.