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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Find Super Unique Gifts and Upscale Consignments at Lilian Jade

By Jessica Isaacs

Photos by Ken Ketchie

Want to find incredible gifts for the loved ones on your list this year? Do your holiday shopping at Lilian Jade: A Fine Consign in Boone to find one-of-a-kind, storied pieces that are just as special as the people in your life.

Store owner Paula Horton is pictured by a jewelry display at Lilian Jade: A Fine Consign.

After successfully running a high-end vintage boutique on the North Carolina coast for several years, local entrepreneur Paula Horton decided to open the upscale consignment shop in Boone, which reflects the lives, experiences, cultures and tastes of the people in the High Country.

She named the store after her granddaughter, Lilian Jade.

The store is now celebrating the one-year anniversary of its grand opening with extended holiday hours and specials, creating for you a one-stop-shop for chic, high-quality items that are perfect for unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts.

In a brick home on Perkinsville Road just off of U.S. Highway 421, Lilian Jade offers more than 2,800 square feet of shopping space that’s packed with something for everyone, and each item has its own story to tell.

Lilian Jade: A Fine Consign is located on Perkinsville Road in Boone just off of U.S. Highway 421 and N.C. Highway 194.

Horton’s shop offers luxury pieces from cultured consigners whose world travels have turned up truly extraordinary finds. Whether you’re looking for vintage clothing, hats, handbags and other accessories, designer furniture and décor, estate and museum-quality jewelry, highly collectible specialty items, custom artwork, expensive brands or something else, find at Lilian Jade for a reasonable price what might otherwise cost you a fortune.

“There are so many great things in here that you could get something for everyone on your list, and they will be as unique as each person you’re buying for,” Horton said. “If you go to the mall, you’ll have to go through so many stores to get it all done, but you can do it all right here. It will be a lot more personal, too — you have to really know someone to buy them something like a vintage pocketbook, and that’s what’s fun about it.”

Vintage furs, coats, clothing and accessories are on display at Lilian Jade.

Because she works closely with and knows her consigners well, Horton can offer with each piece you buy the history that goes along with it. In some cases, you’ll find an entire collection of antiques and artifacts from a single consigner or estate, which takes you on an adventure of your own as you shop through each piece.

The shopping experience at Lilian Jade is as unique as the products on display. Despite the hustle and bustle of the busy town that’s just outside its doors, the store gives you a quiet environment and friendly, personal customer service, complete with a beverage bar that offers up hot coffee, cappuccino and espresso.

Have some cool vintage pieces of your own you’d like to sell? Horton’s consignment process is pretty unique, too. She makes sure the items sell for the right price and then splits her profits 50/50 with the consigner.

“What differentiates me from other consignment shops is that I don’t do monthly markdowns,” she said. “I’m not strict with my 90-day consignment period, because I feel that consigning is all about the buyer.”

Horton noted that selling your own collectibles or things you find on your own can be a great way to make extra cash any time of year.

“I love a good thrifter. I’m a good thrifter. If you have a good eye and you know stuff’s valuable, get it at Goodwill, bring it here and consign it,” she said. “You can make money. If I could go there four times a day I would. As long as you have that eye and you know quality when you see it, it’s a great way to make money.”

Unique framed works of art are on display at Lilian Jade.

Want to sell your things at Lilian Jade? Call the shop to make an appointment with Horton, complete the necessary paperwork and deliver your items. If you’re consigning clothing, remember to bring in 20 pieces or less at a time. Clothes should be brought in clean and on hangers.

Lilian Jade is currently operating with extended holiday hours to make sure you’ve got time to stop by and shop. The store is open for business between 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday each week; but Horton often stays open late or opens on her day off, so feel free to pop in if the “open” sign is flashing.

“Sometimes I’ll open on Sundays or stay open until 7 p.m. if I’m here working anyway,” she said. “So if the open sign is on, I’m here. Come shop.”

Cool, eclectic finds abound at Lilian Jade in any price range. So, whatever you’re looking for and whatever your budget, you’re sure to make some truly interesting discoveries at this specialty shop.

Lilian Jade: A Fine Consign is located at 196 Perkinsville Drive in Boone. For more information, give Horton a call at 828-355-9995.

“There’s something so cool about shopping vintage,” Horton said. “Everything you find at Lilian Jade will be something super unique.”