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BRAHM to Host Seminar by Renown Investment Expert

July 25, 2012. Given today’s volatile economy, many people do not know where to invest their money or even how to invest it. This Thursday (July 26) at 4 p.m., Rinehart Wealth Management’s renown Chief Investment Officer, Daniele Donahoe, will share her expertise and present an Economic Overview.

Throughout her career in equity research, Donahoe has authored industry publications such as B2B eCommerce: A Vertical and Horizontal Perspective and E2E eCommerce: How the Internet Redefines Enterprise SoftwareThe presentation will offer a forecast of our economy and allow you to better understand the global economy when it comes to investing.

Donahoe will lay out action plans and offer a rudimentary discussion on how to invest in different markets, the investment process and different ways to invest your money. This will be an open discussion. Following the presentation, there will be a reception where five to seven Rinehart staff will be available to answer specific questions about investments.

This is open to the public and will be held at the new Blowing Rock Art and History Museum at 159 Chestnut Street, Blowing Rock.

For more information, call 704-525-3937 ext 125 or email aittoop@lyerly.com.