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Boone Healing Arts Center Will Have Its Grand Opening Celebration and Open House on Saturday, April 27

April 24, 2013. Renewal is a verb meaning to revive, re-establish, replenish or restore.

The Boone Healing Arts Center is place where renewal is a constant theme. After purchasing Suite 1 of 838 State Farm Road in early 2012, David Salter & Christina Howe, along with architects, designers, and contractors, set out to completely renovate the space. Not only was the old space renewed with color and light, BHAC has become home to 15 holistic health practitioners with a client-centered, whole person approach to renewed and continued health and wellness.

Do you need to renew yourself physically or mentally? Do you need to replenish yourself? Are you looking to continue or re-establish your wellness? Here’s your chance.

Although the doors to the Boone Healing Arts Center opened in early November 2012, the Center is ready to officially open its doors with a ribbon cutting on Friday, April 26 followed by a Grand Opening Celebration and Open House on Saturday, April 27 from 10am-5pm. 

images-7The Grand Opening & Open House will include a raffle for free services with practitioners, FREE eyebrow waxing & FREE chair massage, mini-workshops by practitioners, give-a-ways, skin care consultations, samples of products in the BHAC boutique, a coupon for 10% off for appointments with practitioners, and a coupon for 15% off boutique products.

Give yourself a chance to win the following complimentary services:

  • 60 Minute Massages
  • 90 Minute Massages
  • Eyebrow Wax & Lash Tint
  • Private Yoga Sessions
  • European Facial
  • Dermalogica Age Smart Facial
  • Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology Appointment
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Counseling Consultation
  • Integrated Counseling Session
  • Alexander Technique Lesson
  • Rolfing Session
  • Si Jin Bao Facial
  • Osmosis Facial
  • Lymphatic Massage Therapy

Drop-in for any or all of the mini-workshops by BHAC practitioners in Synergy hall:

  • 10-10:30am  “An Introduction to Shirodhara” with Debra Helene
  • 10:30-11am “Why is everyone allergic these days?” with Pam and Alex Isaenko
  • 11:30-12 “Gentle Yoga & Why You Should Try It” with Kathie Billing
  • 12-12:30pm “Introduction to Chinese Herbs and Herbal Medicine” with Eric Karchmer
  • 12:30-1pm  “The Beauty of Balance: 3 ideas for re-balancing your busy & chaotic life” with Chris Howell
  • 1-1:30pm “Sugar Shakedown:3 Tips to Break-free from Sugar”with Caroline Stahlschmidt
  • 1:30-2pm “Change Your Thoughts…Change Your Mood- It really does work!” with JoAnn Orr
  • 2-2:30pm “What is Cupping Therapy?” with Katie-Bruce Smith
  • 2:30-3pm “Let Go of It: The Benefits of Cranio-Sacral Therapy” with Dianna Lee
  • 3-3:30pm “Oh, Sit: The first, most simple step to aligning your body” with Allie Burleson
  • 3:30-4pm “Free Your Body, Free Your Mind: An introduction to the Alexander Technique” with Corinne Cassini
  • 4-5pm Closing Event: “Tango Breath”- an interactive performance and instruction by Eric and Susannah Gebhart.

Meet the Center’s amazing holistic health practitioners who work with a diverse array of clients- some that simply seek a place to relax & some who struggle with serious medical conditions- back pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, allergies, or nutrition. Whatever the case may be, the Boone Healing Arts Center has someone or something to help you grow your wellness. Stop in on Saturday and explore what the Boone Healing Arts Center has to offer! 

Here’s the BHAC Crew & What they do:


Katie Brice-Smith

Eric Karchmer

Rolfing Structural Integration

Allie Burleson

Massage, Body Work Therapy & Skin Care

Dianna Lee

Debra Helene

Massage & Body Work Therapy

Phoenix Fisher

Melissa Pollard

Holistic Health Coaching & Private Yoga Instruction

Caroline Stahlshmidt

Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology

Dr. Alex & Pam Isaenko


JoAnn Orr

Chris Howell

Alexander Technique

Corinne Cassini

Private Yoga Instruction

Kathie Billing

Weekly Class Instructors

Melissa Pollard- Warm Vinyasa Flow

Chris Howell- Gentle Yoga

Kathie Billing- Gentle Yoga

Laurie Atkins- Mat Pilates

Shawn Roberts- African Drumming & African Dancing

Use your 15% off entire purchase to & pick-up some of your favorite products exclusive to the BHAC Boutique:

-Dermologica Skin Care Products

-Osmosis Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

-Si Jin Bao Small Batch Herbal Skin Care Products

-Hugger Mugger Yoga Props and Gear

-Love This Life Clothing

-Prints and Original Artwork by local Artist Toni Carlton

-Handmade Pottery by Carol Thomas

-Handmade Lavender Eye Pillows by Allie B. 

-A Plethora of Books

-Sun Warrior Nutritional Supplements

-“It’s Just a Drop” Water Drop Jewelry by Susan Preston-Owen

-Vigilant Eats Organic Oat-Based Cereal

-And, More!