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Boone-based ECRS Showcases Revolutionary Patent-Pending Technology at Natural Products Expo West

March 6, 2013. Leading provider of retail automation solutions for the Natural Products/Health industry, ECR Software Corporation (ECRS), will display its latest innovations in Booth 1752 at the Natural Products Expo West Trade Show in Anaheim, CA from March 8-10, 2013.

RAPTOR, Accelerating the consumer checkout experience


Following its highly acclaimed debut at the National Retail Federation (NRF) and National Grocers Association (NGA) shows earlier this year, ECRS will introduce RAPTOR, a new consumer checkout experience, to the Natural Products industry at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. ECRS’s next generation software, CATAPULT Transaction Server coupled with Datalogic’s 360 degree Portal Scanner, combine to create the fastest, most intuitive, and consumer friendly checkout experience available on the market today. Not a self checkout, RAPTOR instead automates item scanning for accuracy and speed while the cashier focuses on bagging and exceptions, such as produce and bulk. 

ECRS will demonstrate high volume, “real world” grocery transactions using the RAPTOR system to display extreme processing speeds, accuracy, and heightened customer service.

ECRS - RAPTORThe RAPTOR demonstration will showcase patent-pending CATAPULT features that challenge the current point-of-sale paradigm, delighting consumers and elevating their shopping experience. These innovative technologies include: Projected Consumer Guidance, Hands Free Attendant Control, Distributed POS Workload, Device-Aware Consumer Guidance, ScaleAware, and Preemptive Exception Handling.

“The RAPTOR experience promises to provide the convenience and customer service edge needed to not only retain existing customers, but to also win market share against the big box outlets and web retailers.” Pete Catoe – ECRS Founder and CEO

ScaleAware, Produce and bulk made easy 

ECRS’s patent-pending ScaleAware functionality provides dramatic time savings for cashiers and customers at the front end by expediting consumer throughput via innovative keystroke reduction technology. As its name suggests, CATAPULT POS is constantly monitoring the state of the scale, so when a cashier places a weighted item on it, CATAPULT automatically displays the appropriate item menu on the POS screen as soon as it detects a settled weight. By doing so, ScaleAware eliminates the need for cashiers to touch a menu key on their main POS screen every time they need to ring in a produce or bulk item. ECRS has also integrated ScaleAware with its patent-pending Voice Command System, which allows cashiers to verbally choose the correct produce or bulk item from the menu without ever having to touch the screen. In addition to the valuable time savings, this keystroke reduction technology extends the life of POS touch displays, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

CATAPULT Dash with Browser-Based Maintenance, On-the-go enterprise management

CATAPULT Dash gathers real-time data from the CATAPULT database and displays it as variety of graphs and charts, as configured by the user, with extensive comparative capability. Users can easily view vital data such as store, department, or item sales anywhere with internet access. The latest release of CATAPULT Dash also features mobile back office functionality such as customer account adjustments and inventory maintenance.

Automating the Science of Retail

Prior to the show floor opening of Natural Products Expo West, ECRS is hosting “Automating the Science of Retail”, a CATAPULT customer conference, on March 7, 2013 at the Marriott Anaheim. Existing customers can register to attend by clicking here.

To learn more about the complete ECRS product stack, visit www.ecrs.com or stop by Booth 1752 during the Natural Products Expo West Trade Show.

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