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Boone Area of Chamber Encourages Support of ‘Business-Friendly’ Candidates in Upcoming 2012 Election

Oct. 1, 2012. The Chamber encourages support of “business friendly” principles:

What does it mean to be business friendly? It means to:

  • Value and recognize businesses large and small as our economic engine, providing jobs and generating revenue. All benefit from a growing and robust business sector and business-friendly candidates look for ways to help businesses thrive.
  • Accept that it is the responsibility of elected officials to do to whatever they can to stimulate and expand the economy, foster local business growth and increase employment.
  • Seek only fair and reasonable legislation and oppose measures that unfairly target and negatively impact businesses.
  • Understand that continuing to strap businesses with higher costs and overly burdensome regulation is not a sustainable model and hampers, rather than helps, job creation and revenue growth, as well as negatively impacts our community.
  • Believe in and will work toward government living within its means.
  • View tax increases as a last resort versus an early step, with consideration of an increase only after government is living within its means as residents and businesses must. We should be employing measures to stimulate the economy and aid businesses as the way to close revenue gaps.
  • Understand the importance of reducing the cost of doing business and will work toward that end.
  • Understand that the community’s long-term economic health is impacted by the quality of education available, emphasizing excellence, responsibility and achievement.
  • Accept and support appropriate change and growth in the High Country that promotes the quality of life, fosters stewardship of our natural resources and respects our cultural heritage.  We do not support unilateral governmental moratoria (bans) that prevent future project discussions and the opportunity to mitigate challenges and create winning solutions.
  • Comprehend economic principles. A business-friendly candidate understands how our high cost of doing business in the High Country hampers investment, business expansion and job creation. We seek candidates who will focus on the economy and have a strong recovery plan.

In summary, it means to take the necessary action to build a strong and successful economy to support businesses, their employees and the community at large.   That is what we will be looking for and championing.   We encourage the community and its elected officials to do so as well.