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Blowing Rock Market Seeks To Expand Outdoor Dining and Change Flow of Traffic in Downtown Lot

By Jesse Wood

Blowing Rock Market

Mountaineer Marketing, Inc., which purchased the property in late 2015, is seeking an amendment to the conditional use permit for the Blowing Rock Market property at 900 Main Street.

This permit was originally issued in 2000 for gas station, convenience store and retail market uses. Mountaineer Marketing Inc. is seeking the same uses, while expanding the outdoor dining component and reducing one gas pump, the one closest to the entrance, according to a memo from Planning Director Kevin Rothrock to the Blowing Rock Town Council.

The council will hear the matter at its meeting on Tuesday.

“The goal is to have outdoor seating, and we’ll have to see tomorrow night how it goes,” David Barker, co-owner of the Blowing Rock Market said. “Basically, we’re just redoing the parking lot because it’s a traffic cluster right now and we’re trying to smooth it out some.”

Barker added that the application is also increasing parking spaces.

The applicant is proposing to:

  1. enclose the existing covered patio
  2. remove the gas pump closest to the entry door
  3. add angled parking spaces on the right side of the parking lot
  4. add up to 38 seats of outdoor dining under the main canopy and to the right of the canopy
  5. move the existing ADA space to the left of the building entry
  6. modify the driveways on Main Street to be entrance only
  7. restrict the driveway onto Park Ave as exit only
  8. provide a new landscaped area in front of the building
  9. extend the street yard island at the right side driveway on Main Street to guide traffic flow into the site

Officers with Mountaineer Marketing Inc. include William David Barker, Jennifer B. Stewart and John E. Stewart.

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