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Area Florists Blossoming With Business as We Celebrate Valentine’s Day; Americans to Spend Approx. $20B Today

By Paul T. Choate

Bouquet Florist is blossoming with business today, Valentine's Day. Photo by Ken Ketchie
Bouquet Florist is blossoming with business today, Valentine’s Day. Photo by Ken Ketchie

Feb. 14, 2013. Bouquet Florist on Shadowline Drive in Boone, along with every other florist in the High Country, is blossoming with business today as we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Flowers, candy and dining out are the story today during one of the busiest days of the year for many retailers.

According to The Atlantic, Americans will spend approximately $20 billion (yes, billion) on Valentine’s Day this year. And although most people think flowers when they think of the holiday of love, about two-thirds of the money spent today will actually be on food. 

Around $9.671 billion will be spent on dining out, with another $2.893 billion being spent on candy. Romantic getaways also take up a substatial piece of the spending pie, at $2.354 billion. 

Flowers come in fourth on the spending chart, with Americans spending $1.784 billion at their local florists today. 

Other commenly purchased items, according to The Atlantic, include jewelry, clothing/lengerie and greeting cards — with only greeting cards being under $1 billion on the spending chart (sorry, Hallmark). 

For those here in the High Country who are sick of all the flowers, candy and love in the air, Mellow Mushroom on West King Street will be hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day party, of sorts. For more on that, visit hcpress.com/business/haircut-101-mellow-mushroom-partner-for-annual-hot-lips-contest-first-cupid-is-stupid-party-to-benefit-oasis.html