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Annual Hot Lips Contest, First Cupid is Stupid Party a Big Success; Cassidy Jorgenson Takes First Place in Contest


By Paul T. Choate

Cassidy Rose's lips took first place in the annual Hot Lips Contest. Photo by Ken Ketchie
Cassidy Rose Jorgenson’s lips took first place in the annual Hot Lips Contest. Photo by Ken Ketchie

Feb. 15, 2013. Who has the hottest lips in town? The results are in! Local salon Haircut 101 took submissions of the hottest lips – imprints in lipstick on doilies – recently and the lips were judged by the HCPress.com staff on Friday morning.

Taking first place was Cassidy Rose Jorgenson. She wins a $100 gift certificate for Bumble & bumble products at Haircut 101. In second place was Allison Harris, who will receive a free one-hour massage from the MYO Clinic courtesy of Eli Peltz. In third place was Aline Benson, receiving a $20 gift certificate for Mellow Mushroom.

The Hot Lips Contest is the brainchild of John Mena, owner of Haircut 101, and has been held for the last several years to promote the salon. This year, however, the event also incorporated a $1 raffle to benefit OASIS, Inc. (Opposing Abuse with Service, Information, and Shelter) with prizes from area businesses. Additionally, the contest coincided with the first ever anti-Valentine’s Day party, of sorts, at Mellow Mushroom which also benefitted OASIS. 

The Cupid is Stupid Party was Mellow Mushroom GM Chase Luddeke’s concept, which he said he felt would be sort of a “fun and goofy” way to celebrate the holiday. The party flier listed “drink specials, vengeance, anti-love tunes, slices for one, broken dreams, loneliness, heart pretzels and retribution” as some things to expect.

There was also a “Throw a Drink in Someone’s Face Booth” as part of the party. 

Luddeke said after he thought of the idea for the booth, it occured to him, “‘Okay, that’s a funny idea but we need to do it for something,’ and that is when I decided it would be good to do it for a charity.”

Participants paid $3 for a drink, which they then got to toss in a volunteer’s face — Luddeke himself being one of the volunteers. All proceeds from the booth will go toward OASIS.

“The party was awesome. We had just a wonderful time,” said Bishop Glover, of Haircut 101. “I was really blown away by how much work [the Mellow Mushrooms staff] put into the whole thing. Not one person left there going, ‘Ehh, it was okay.'”

The first annual Cupid is Stupid Party at Mellow Mushroom was a big success. Photo by Ken Ketchie
The first annual Cupid is Stupid Party at Mellow Mushroom was a big success. Photo by Ken Ketchie

Glover said she felt there was a great turnout for the event and said Luddeke plans to partner with Haircut 101 again next Valentine’s Day to turn the Cupid is Stupid Party into an annual event. 

The contest drew the exact same number of lip entries as last year — 106 in all. Though exact figures are not yet known, Glover said with the contest, raffle and party they were able to raise a lot of money for OASIS. 

“We sold at least 200 raffle tickets,” Glover said. “I think everyone wants to help out their community, but sometimes it just gets overwhelming. When we do things like this for a dollar entry people can really be making a difference.”

The party also featured an unexpected Valentine’s Day proposal to a member of the Haircut 101 staff. Stylist Manager Jezabel Macapagal’s boyfriend, Trey Lebatare, surprised her by proposing during the party, to which Macapagal said yes. 

“We were already having a great time, but Jez is so special to us all and it was really neat that we all got to share that with her,” Glover said. 

Glover said the totals for how much money was raised for OASIS will probably be known by Monday or Tuesday of next week, at which point it will be announced on High Country Press. 

Raffle winners

Two free entrees from Makoto’s — Saskia VanDeGeveo
$25 gift certificate to Hob Knob Farm Cafe — Lisa Griffin
$25 gift certificate to M.C. Adam’s Clothier — Jenni Meyer
$10 gift certificate to Melanie’s — Annika Willis
$10 gift certificate to Stick Boy Bread Co. — Marilyn Brown
500 free business cards from SOS Printing — Chris Hemion
Two one-month memberships to Crossfit 828 — Cathy Marcum and Jordan Mattar
$25 gift certificate to Mellow Mushroom — Anna Cremaldi

Additional images
Photos by Ken Ketchie

Second place -- Allison Harris
Second place — Allison Harris


Third place -- Aline Benson
Third place — Aline Benson


The “Hairy Fairy” John Mena