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American Emergency Vehicles Announces Acquisition, Renovation of Gates Corporation Facility in Jefferson

AEV is largest ambulance manufacturer in the country.
AEV is largest ambulance manufacturer in the country.

By Jesse Wood

Aug. 18, 2014. American Emergency Vehicles CEO Mark Van Arnam announced recently that AEV has acquired the Gates facility in Jefferson.

Last summer, the Gates Corporation, which employed 247 people at its Ashe County facility, began cutting back production at its plant in September 2013 with plans to close in 2014. That announcement came on the heels of GE Aviation expressing its intent to expand its West Jefferson facility that machines rotating parts in jet engine and aircraft systems. See story here.

Arnam said that Gates will continue to occupy the facility until all local activities are terminated by the end of the year.

“AEV is currently developing plans for an extensive building renovation and reconfiguration process, which we hope to commence in 2014,” Arnam said in a email release.

AEV specializes in manufacturing ambulances. As the largest ambulance builder in the country, it employs 340.

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