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ABC Board To Begin Expansion of Boone Store in November, Additional Space To Include More State Spirits

By Mark S. Kenna

Oct. 2, 2013. To maximize space for the next 15 to 20 years, Boone’s ABC store plans to begin expansion of the store by 1,087 square feet in November.

Besides expanding the back storage space, the ABC store will recover the current space used for bathrooms and other uses, around 400 square feet, to accommodate for new North Carolina liquors and spirits, Randy Jones, architect, said.

This expansion also includes the addition of 8 parking spaces.

“We want to make the outside more presentable,” Ronald Holste, ABC board chairman said.

The whole project has a tentative cost from $450,000 to $550,000, but Holste expects the bids to fall on the lower end of the spectrum. The project is expected to take five to six months to complete depending on the weather.

However the construction will not impede customer’s ability to purchase spirits and liquor.

The ABC store in Boone photo by Mark S. Kenna

“We will be fully open throughout the entire process,” Holste said.

Bids for contractors opened Tuesday and will run until Oct. 22. Then the ABC board will assess the bids during its meeting on the Oct. 23 at 4:00 p.m.

The conversation for more storage space started in Jan. of this year. One of the original options was to move the store to a different location and expand from there.

This year the ABC store in Boone has given a little less than $500,000 dollars to the community in the way of law enforcement, education, and prevention for underage drinking and abusive behaviors.

“Everything we give away goes right back to this community,” Holste said.

The ABC stored opened in Boone in 1986, converted from warehouse and office space.  The original building was 2,861 square feet. 

Right now the total space is 5,898 square feet. After this addition the sales space plus the warehouse will total 6,985 square feet, Jones said.

The last addition was in 2006.