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Jay Spry the Magic Guy is the High Country’s Very Own Magician; Performances at Bella’s in Banner Elk

By Rebecca Mullins

Oct. 21, 2013. Now the High Country has its very own magician: Jay Spry the Magic Guy. With his quick wit and crafty tricks, he’ll have you laughing until you’re out of breath and rolling on the floor. He is best known for his slight of hand card, coin and ball tricks with a mind reading finale, all while he spins in some good natured humor to make even the most dour of crowds laugh with every trick.

Jay Spry is currently performing at Bella’s in Banner Elk on the weekends throughout the winter season. Bellas is located on 3585 Tynecastle Highway. For specifics of his schedule, call Bella’s at 828-898-9022. 

Jay SprySpry’s comedic magic shows are aimed at restaurant tables and small parties.

For his restaurant show at Bellas, he performs around two quick coin, card and mentalist tricks for every table with his own splash of comedy thrown in. He tries to plan for his performances to land between the appetizers and main course and these performances usually last between 7 and 12 minutes. 

Spry’s other shows focus on small parties of about 15-20 people. These shows are half an hour in length and usually encompass a little history of magic, with some classic tricks thrown in, followed by his coin, card and ball tricks and a finale of mentalist magic – mind reading. 

“Its more of a whole experience of how to understand magic,” explained Spry.

His performances for these small parties are more in-depth and detailed than his short table to table performances in restaurants. They’re a real treat to enjoy.

Jay Spry began dabbling in magic when he was 12 years old in Thailand. By 13, he was performing for his friends and other kids. The small amount of money he got from his performances went to purchasing new tricks and perfecting his magic. 

After moving to America, he let magic take a back seat, but he found his way back to it one special evening in Jacksonville, Fla. when two women came into the bar he was tending. One of the women had recently been divorced and following the separation, her ex-husband had suddenly passed away. On this special evening, Spry performed a little front row magic for those ladies, and for the first time in a while, that woman was able to forget her worries and laugh. 

“If I can make someone smile and take their mind off something for a while, that’s worthwhile,” said Spry. 

He performs magic for the reward it brings to others and himself. His performances give him a chance to meet and communicate with people from all walks of life as well as bring a little bit more laughter into the world.

“It s not the fooling people that I enjoy, but the way I get to interact with people and seeing their reactions,” said Spry. “Its just very fulfilling.”

For more information about Jay Spry or to see his upcoming performances, see his facebook page here.