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Town of Boone’s Municipal Building will be 100% Carbon Neutral by February 2022

The Town of Boone’s Town Council voted during the January 12, 2022 Town Council Meeting to accept the proposal for all electricity used by the Town’s municipal buildings to be generated using 100% renewable energy. Boone is the first municipality to achieve this in North Carolina.

App State’s New River Light and Power’s program, the “Green Power Program” will provide approximately 1,600 MWh of hydroelectric power, which is approximately 25% of Boone’s municipal electric consumption. Blue Ridge Energy is providing the Town of Boone with up to 4,800 MWh from their newly constructed 11 MWh solar array. This solar-generated electricity will account for approximately 75% of Boone’s municipal energy consumption.

“Boone cannot meet its goal of municipal climate neutrality by 2030 and to transition the entire town to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2050 without New River Light and Power and Blue Ridge Energy stepping up and sourcing renewable energy for Boone. We are grateful for their successful efforts,” George Santucci, Sustainability and Special Projects Manager, stated.

The Green Power Program is available to all NRLP customers. This enables residents to lower their
carbon emissions, reduce the impact their energy usage has on the environment and helps the Town of Boone reach the 2050 goal. More information regarding the Green Power Program can be found at
NRLP’s website: www.nrlp.appstate.edu/green-power-program.

“I’ve very proud of our accomplishments so far. The recent approval to move to 100% renewable energy in all of our town facilities is a significant step for the town in achieving our goals and will serve as an example of how private businesses and residents can join us in making a difference in our local
community,” commented John Ward, Town Manager of Boone.

For more information regarding Boone’s sustainability efforts, please visit the Town of Boone’s website at www.townofboone.net/sustainability or contact George Santucci, Sustainability and Special Projects Manager, at george.santucci@townofboone.net.