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More Than 1,000 Show Up for Boone 4th of July Parade

Boone fire trucks lead the way. Photo by Zack Hill.

By Zack Hill

More than 1,000 revelers packed King Street Tuesday for Boone’s 4th of July parade. The day was hot and the parade started at the Watauga Health Center on Poplar Grove Extension and ended at Legends on Hardin Street.

Fire trucks and other first responder vehicles lead the way with floats decked out in red, white and blue following along. Many in the crowd were adorned in red, white and blue too and shouted words of encouragement and praise to those in the parade.

“We came to the parade because we wanted to celebrate with the town and see everyone happy,” said James Poole of Boone. “To me, the 4th of July is a celebration of our love for this country. It might not be perfect but we celebrate how far it has come and where we want to go in the future.”

A man dressed as Uncle Sam was a highlight, as well as a group of cloggers and a troupe of dancers. Some threw candy to the crowd as they passed and children gravitated towards the procession in hopes of grabbing a few handfuls.

Josh Piercy and his girlfriend Damalis Caraballo came in from Charlotte to join the festivities. As former Boone residents they said the 4th of July parade and celebrations were always fun.

“We miss Boone and the culture here,” Piercy said. “It’s always good to be back in town. Especially for something fun like this.”