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Coyote Kitchen & Lost Cantina Has Renovated and Expanded Their Existing Restaurant

Coyote Kitchen & Lost Cantina is excited to announce that they’re completing some major interior renovations and have expanded the existing restaurant located at 200 Southgate Drive, Boone NC. The expansion adds new seats and gives the restaurant more of an open concept feel. They’ve also added a new full bar, which will have over twenty Lost Province beers on tap and a creative craft cocktail menu. The bar and expanded section of the restaurant will be open for business Friday, March 3, 2023.

Almost one year ago today, Lost Province Brewing Company (LPBC) was in the process of purchasing Coyote Kitchen. The owners of LPBC, Lynne and Andy Mason, were not looking to purchase a restaurant, but were honored when the previous owners of Coyote Kitchen approached them with the desire to sell.

“Coyote Kitchen offers a style of food that you can’t find elsewhere in Boone, with southwestern and Caribbean influences. It has developed a strong reputation as a gluten free, allergy-friendly restaurant with lots of vegan and vegetarian options, and those are things we were excited to maintain. Over the past year, we’ve worked hard to build a team committed to our company wide mission and vision: to provide an experience of gracious hospitality,” says owner Lynne Mason.

JP Mason, Director of Operations, has been overseeing the restaurant expansion project since day one. “We’re really excited to bring this type of space to this area of town, and I’ve really enjoyed the process of envisioning and building it out,” he says. In addition to interior changes, guests can expect a menu that’s been refreshed, but still features classic Coyote favorites. JP says, “A commitment to local food is something that’s always been incredibly important to us. We’re committed to making as many things in-house as we can and sourcing as many ingredients as possible from local producers.”

Coyote Kitchen has been serving up southwestern and Caribbean soul food since 2003 in Boone, NC. The current owners are thrilled to unveil this expansion and the addition of Lost Cantina during Coyote’s 20th year in business. As of right now, the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays, but open all other days of the week for lunch and dinner. Over the next couple of months, they plan to expand business hours and hope to be able to open seven days a week. Follow Coyote Kitchen & Lost Cantina on social media to stay in the know.