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Beginning on June 10th, a Section of the Boone Greenway Trail, Beginning at Daniel Boone Drive Extension, Will Be Closed Until September 2024

Greenway Closure

In partnership with New River Conservancy and Watauga County, the Town of Boone will be restoring 2,500 feet of the lower end of Hardin Creek. As such, the Boone Greenway Trail, beginning at the entrance of the Greenway Trail at Daniel Boone Drive Extension and ending at the Watauga High School Cross-Country field alongside the river, will be closed beginning on Monday, June 10th, and will reopen in September 2024. Patreons of the Greenway Trail will not be able to access this portion of the Greenway Trail until the restoration project is complete.

This project is entitled the “Lower Hardin Creek Restoration Project”. Currently, the lower end of Hardin Creek has significant erosion that has led to significant habitat degradation. This has led to threatening conditions for Town of Boone’s sewer mains and the integrity of the Greenway Trail. The Town of Boone and its partners have been looking to remedy this erosion and degradation since 2014.

The Lower Hardin Creek Restoration Project, a significant step towards restoring nature’s balance, aims to stabilize the stream bed, reconnect the stream to its floodway, and enhance habitat for both aquatic and terrestrial animals. This project is not just about the present but also about securing a better future for our environment. A new bridge will be a key feature, spanning the newly created floodway and ensuring the safety of critical infrastructure from flood damage. We look forward to the positive impact this project will have on our community.

For more information about the temporary closure of the Boone Greenway Trail, please contact our Public Works department at (828) 268-6230. We value your support and cooperation during this much-needed project.

Entrance to Boone Greenway Trail from the Daniel Boone Drive Extension