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North Carolina Sheriffs Association’s Sheriffs Leadership Institute Completed by 33 Sherrifs

Avery County Sheriff Mike Henley

Avery County-Earlier this month, Sheriff Mike Henley of Avery County finished Week One of the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association’s Sheriffs’ Leadership Institute (SLI). Sheriff Mike Henley was one of 33 participants in this year’s training.

SLI is a four-week long program completed over the course of 18 months. Graduation for this year’s SLI class will be in Spring 2024. SLI is designed to provide newly elected sheriffs technical skills necessary for assuming the Office of Sheriff. Sheriffs appointed since 2018, known as mid-term sheriffs, are also invited to participate in SLI.

During the program, sheriffs and sheriffs-elect will attend panel discussions and training sessions led by various instructors, including Association staff and state and federal law enforcement personnel. These learning opportunities help sheriffs further their
knowledge, skills and abilities in leading and managing the sheriff’s office.

“During SLI, newly-elected and mid-term sheriffs receive mentoring, training and
resources to prepare them to assume the role of sheriff,” said Eddie Caldwell, the
Association’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel. “In addition to the valuable
training received, SLI provides participants the opportunity to network with their fellow
newly-elected and mid-term sheriffs as well as veteran sheriffs.”

“The citizens of North Carolina can feel confident their sheriffs are prepared to take office.
The first week of SLI prepared them by focusing on critical topics, such as ethics, financial
management, and employment law training,” said Orange County Sheriff Charles
Blackwood, the Association’s President.

SLI training is sponsored by the Association. This Institute is a national model and
provides leadership and technical training, specifically designed for sheriffs, like no other
training in the United States. The first SLI was held in 2006. Since then, 78 sheriffs have
graduated from SLI.

“The Association looks forward to working with newly-elected and veteran sheriffs to
continue strengthening and protecting the Office of Sheriff in North Carolina,” said

The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association is the statewide organization of our state’s 100
sheriffs. Through their Association, the sheriffs work to strengthen the professional law
enforcement services their offices provide to the people of North Carolina. The
Association Headquarters is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Edmond W. Caldwell, Jr.
serves as Executive Vice President and General Counsel.