Party-Funk Duo The Hornitz To Perform at Murphy’s on Wednesday, April 20

Published Monday, April 18, 2016 at 11:32 am

By Bailey Faulkner

Think it takes a full band to make irresistibly dancey grooves? Think again, because dynamic duo The Hornitz is the “biggest, baddest party-funk experience you’ve never heard in your life!” The party-loving duo will perform at Murphy’s on Wednesday, April 20.

The larger-than-life group is comprised of:

Friendship (bass trombone, beatbox)

Stoo (tenor sax, keyboard)

The Hornitz


The Hornitz/

You may be slightly confused about how the Boston-based duo creates its party-funk music. It all has to do with looping.

While on stage, Friendship and Stoo (a.k.a. Stoobacca Dashiki) create one layer of music at a time — like one of Friendship’s beatboxing rhythms — and use their equipment to loop, or cycle, that segment of music. Before long, a song will have enough layers that Friendship and Stoo will pick up their instruments of choice: their horns.

By the time the duo breaks out the brass, audiences have already been mesmerized by the group’s huge sound. In addition to more recognizable beatboxing, Friendship can replicate the heavy-hitting sound of a funky electric bass with his lips. With a beat and bass groove laid down, Stoo’s keyboard and organ playing completes the groove.

If you want to check out exactly how the duo gets the funk flowing, click here for a music video that shows you everything you need to know!

Before writing their own music in The Hornitz, Friendship and Stoo were — and still are — one of the most well respected “horn-section-for-hire” duos in the country. The two have played horns for George Clinton, Guster, State Radio, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, The Mantras and many more.

After establishing themselves in the Boston area and beyond, the duo began writing its own music in 2008. Needless to say, Friendship and Stoo are now truly experienced funk phenoms.

“After a few years of experimenting and fine tuning, Friendship and I have created a show that is one of the most dynamic spectacles ever produced by two people,” Stoo said.

Many famous musicians agree.

“When I heard The Hornitz doin’ their thing, I could imagine myself playing percussion behind them, creating something crazy. They don’t have a normal set up, which I like, it’s fresh and musically it could go anywhere,” Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill said.


Starting at 10 p.m., Murphy’s is 21 and up. If you want to stop by before the show starts, you can enjoy Murphy’s dining room. Click here to check out the restaurant’s menu.

If you want to catch this “funky, electronic, dance-inducing horn fest that can’t be stopped,” you better make it out to Murphy’s on Wednesday night!

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