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The Art Cellar 2023 Season Schedule

The Art Cellar has prepared a dynamic and exciting lineup for this Summer Season featuring both solo and group exhibitions.

Jason Hatcher & Glass: Wednesday May 17 – Saturday June 3

Open House: Saturday May 27, 4-6pm

Jason Hatcher, a photographer and self-taught painter, intuitively creates paintings that utilize color as a means of conveying emotion and expression. Aesemic writing hidden within some of his work allows the viewer to ponder on the mystery behind each piece.

Raymond Chorneau & Zoey Brookshire: Wednesday June 7 – Saturday June 24

Open House: Saturday June 10, 4-6pm

The expressive crude figures of Raymond Chorneau’s work lend themselves to childlike mystery as they reveal themselves through layer upon layer of oil crayon and paint.

Creating work that is both provocative and graceful, Zoey fosters a sense of mystique through her energetic mark making that seduces viewers to venture further into her world.

Richard Oversmith & Trey Finney: Wednesday June 28 – Saturday July 15

Open House: Saturday July 8, 4-6pm

Richard received formal training in Fine Art and Illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While at Kendall he was invited to study at the Royal College of Art in London, England. There he gained experience in plein air painting and found direction in his work as an oil painter.

Abstraction and impressionism shape the manner in which Trey Finney renders the world around him. Trey decidedly alters his subjects to create loose interpretations of form, shape, and color, adding another dimension of life to his work.

Tony Griffin Solo Exhibition: Wednesday July 19 – Saturday August 5

Open House: Saturday July 22, 4-6pm

Classically trained oil painter Tony Griffin holds the relationship between artist and subject to the highest regard. He believes that by painting directly in front of a scene, a synergy is formed that opens up opportunities for deeper exploration throughout the journey of the artwork itself.

Noyes Capehart Solo Exhibition: Wednesday August 9 – Saturday August 26

Open House: Saturday August 12, 4-6pm

Drawing from his life experience, Noyes forms surreal compositions which often mimic a puzzle or collage of memories. While his work is an introspection on his own life, there is room in the abstraction of figure and space for free interpretation of each piece.

Lisa Stinson & Carolyn Blaylock: Wednesday August 30 – Saturday September 16

Open House: Saturday September 2, 4-6pm

Lisa Stinson earned her MFA in Ceramics from Rhode Island School of Design, a BFA in Ceramics from New York College of Ceramics at Alfred University and a BA in Psychology from Wells College. She exhibits her work nationally, and has lectured at conferences, led numerous workshops in both ceramic practices and kiln building techniques and design. She is also a Professor of Art at Appalachian State University.

The lyrical paintings of Carolyn Blaylock express confidence and joy with every bold brushstroke. Each abundantly layered piece captures her pursuit of artistic freedom and adoration for the spontaneity found in nature.

Christmas Gifts/ Small Works Show: Wednesday November 1 – Saturday December 23

Open House: Friday December 1, 4-6pm