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Skip Sickler is the Artist in Residence This Week at Edgewood Cottage Through June 5

Sunset in Silence by Skip Sickler

Artist Skip Sickler will be spending this week at the Edgewood Cottage in Blowing Rock as part of the Artists in Residence program.

From his earliest memories, Skip Sickler was drawn to nature. While immersed in mountains, forests, streams and oceans, he finds himself more centered, more alive. In this context, Skip presents his photography for your enjoyment and inspiration. Come meet Skip from May 28th through June 5th at Edgewood Cottage.

The Artists in Residence at Edgewood Cottage program is sponsored by the Blowing Rock Historical Society. The Society operates both Edgewood Cottage and the 1888 Museum and continues to celebrate and promote Blowing Rock’s heritage through its events and programs. To learn more, please visit the Society’s website at www.blowingrockhistoricalsociety.com