Mipso and Opening Act Kate Rhudy Give Legends Crowd Another Exciting Night of Music

Published Monday, April 25, 2016 at 12:52 pm

By Bailey Faulkner

I can’t say that I was surprised to see Mipso’s huge crowd when I walked through the doors at Legends. Like the band’s August show at the venue, fans of the “renegade traditionalists” excitedly packed the floor. This time, fans had the pleasure of seeing folky opening act Kate Rhudy before Mipso took the stage.

Kate Rhudy

Rhudy started off the night with one of her classics, “If You Killed a Man.” The beautifully simplistic tune set the tone for the rest of Rhudy’s set of “sad river folk.” You can check out a recording of the song from her live performance on 90.5’s The Local Lowdown here.


Kate Rhudy/Photo by Logan Hall

Rhudy’s soulfully refined voice captivated the audience throughout her set. After starting off with a few originals, Rhudy showed off her take on the instantly recognizable Bob Dylan tune “It Ain’t Me Babe.” The cover went over very well — the audience didn’t hesitate to sing along with the Appalachian-influenced rendition of Dylan’s folk standard.

Continuing her set, Rhudy played “Cheap Thrills,” a new song that she had not yet performed for an audience. Like all of the other songs in the set, the tune received an enthusiastic applause from the crowd.

With her set winding down, Rhudy pleased the audience with a folky cover of Gnarls Barkley’s hit “Crazy.” Not a song that first comes to mind for a river folk musician, the tastefully arranged cover transitioned smoothly to Rhudy’s final song, “The Only Pretty Thing in Texas.” Once she finished her hit, Rhudy exited the stage to a thunderous applause.


Shortly after Rhudy left the stage, I heard the crowd beginning to yell for the night’s main act. Taking the stage, the members of Mipso had smiles on their faces that could only be the result of the energized crowds they have come to expect at Legends.

Trailing the members on stage was Mipso’s film crew for the night. You should keep an eye on Mipso’s Facebook page — if you were at the show, you’re probably going to be in the band’s video!


Mipso/Photo by Logan Hall

Mipso started its first set with “Bad Penny,” the fourth track off of the band’s latest album, Old Time Reverie. The crowd greeted the band by singing along to the newer tune.

Coming as no surprise, the band’s four-part harmonies blew me away. Mipso’s Appalachian roots were apparent in the beautifully interwoven singing.

In addition to Mipso’s harmonies, the audience sang along to seemingly every part of each song the band played. I honestly can’t remember the last time I have attended a show with such an intimate connection between a band and its excited audience. That’s probably why the band was willing to drive all the way from Colorado to make it to the show!


Terrell and Rodenbough/Photo by Logan Hall

Throughout the night, each of the members showed off their next-level musicianship. Joseph Terrell’s smooth guitar rhythm and leads, Libby Rodenbough’s tasteful fiddling and Jacob Sharp’s fiery mandolin meshed perfectly with Wood Robinson’s ever-steady bass foundation.

Throughout the show, audience members danced in place or made their way to the back of the floor to more freely move to the music. It was hard not to dance!

Dropping their instruments out of the mix, the band finished its first set singing a cappella with the audience. Once Mipso left the stage, I could tell the audience was eager to hear more.

With a large applause after the second set’s first song, the crowd continued singing along with the band for the rest of the night.

After a string of crowd favorites, the members thanked the crowd and made their way off the stage. The encore that followed was one that nobody in the audience will forget.


Mipso and Rhudy/Photo by Logan Hall

After a few moments of the audience chanting, Mipso walked back out on the stage, this time joined by Rhudy and her fiddle. In memory of the late music legend, the musicians played a folky, bittersweet cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain.” With Rhudy’s help, the band touched the audience with its tasteful tribute to the musical hero.

After the show was over, I learned that over 500 fans attended the event. Seeing the members mingle with the crowd after the show, I could tell that Mipso feels at home at Legends.

If you couldn’t make it to the show, you can learn more about Kate Rhudy and Mipso here: Kate Rhudy, Mipso.

Make sure you don’t miss out on your next chance to catch Rhudy or Mipso. You’ll regret it if you do!

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