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Field of View: ASU v ECU

By Josh Floyd, Astro Yeti Photo Co.

Growing up, I lived in Craven County, just a county away from East Carolina University. To say I knew some ECU fans would be an understatement, my sister even studied there and played the piccolo in their marching band!

So, when I heard that ECU was coming to Boone to play one of my favorite teams in the world, I was beyond excited! I had a gut feeling that I was going to witness an epic game, and I was not disappointed. From the moment I stepped on the field, my body was coursing with adrenaline. I can’t recall a moment where I didn’t have goosebumps. The crowd was electric, brimming with excitement from both ASU and ECU fans. It felt as if the world was gearing up to witness a clash of titans from Greek mythology.

The moment finally arrived, and within the first few minutes, East Carolina scored. It was disheartening, and anxiety crept in, fearing that App might not secure a victory. But not long after, App State returned the favor, leveling the playing field. It brought some relief, yet, the possibility that ECU could prevail remained in the back of my mind.

Throughout the game, it seemed as if these two Titans were locked in a relentless battle with no clear victor in sight. Victory would undoubtedly have to be earned on this day!

As we entered the second half of the fourth quarter, I began to feel more confident that my App State Mountaineers would emerge victorious. I eagerly anticipated the chance to tease my sister about her school’s defeat and relish our continued reign as champions until our schools met again.

This is a game I will never forget. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to witness such a hard-fought victory. To top it off, The Rock tied it’s all-time attendance record of 40,168, and I had the privilege of being there for BOTH milestones!

This game was a rollercoaster of emotions, fueled by unwavering fan support and capped by a historic attendance record. The rivalry between App State and ECU will forever burn brightly. Yet, on that memorable day in Boone, victory belonged to the Mountaineers. The camaraderie, the passion, and the sheer thrill of it all are etched in my memory. I eagerly await the next chapter in this epic tale of football rivalry, where history will once again be made.