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Western Youth Network Seeking Mentor Volunteers

Western Youth Network (WYN) is a local non-profit organization that provides youth in our community with mentoring support, after school programming and community health services. WYN is in need of volunteer mentors that will be positive role models for local youth ranging in age from 6-17. 

WYN mentors spend 2 hours a week each week, for one year in order to build a consistent friendship with the youth. WYN carefully screens all volunteers and looks for adults who have space to share their interests with a younger person. Mentoring is flexible and can accommodate people who may go out of town but ideally will be in the area for at least 12 months. Mentors are people who enjoy doing all kinds of activities from: bowling, pickleball, gardening, skateboarding, fly fishing, to simply walking and talking. 

If you have two hours to spare each week, WYN would love for you to reach out and apply as a volunteer mentor. Apply online at www.westernyouthnetwork.org or email mcmanna@westernyouthnetwork.org

Courtesy of Western Youth Network.