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Local Author Emily Rivers Releases Book About Her Escape From Spiritual Abuse

By Tim Gardner

Emily Rivers, an author from the North Carolina High Country, has released a book she penned about the spiritual abuse she endured at a church she attended and how she overcame it to begin the abuse-free spiritual life she had long sought for herself.

In The Courage to Leave: A Memoir of Escaping and Moving Forward From Spiritual Abuse, Rivers courageously shares her personal memoir, recounting the pleasant experience of leaving a spiritually abusive church and finding the strength to reclaim her own spiritual identity.

The book was released on October 25.

This powerful and thought-provoking memoir takes readers on an emotional trip as Rivers delves into the depths of her past, describing what she considers manipulative tactics, control, and psychological abuse she endured within the confines of her former religious community. With raw and complete honesty about the vulnerability of such, she exposes the dark underside of spiritual abuse, offering a look into a world often cloaked in secrecy.

Through plain storytelling, Rivers recounts the slow, but total awakening that led her to question the teachings and practices of her church. As she tussles with the internal conflict between her faith and the horrid and even toxic environment that she unfortunately found herself in, readers are invited to join her on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and ultimately, liberation that centers around her right to worship God as she desires and believes is the proper way to do so.

Others may see themselves in situations much like her story, and Rivers said that all who have endured, or are enduring, spiritual abuse “needs to know that there is always hope for a full restoration and they are not alone in their journeys.”

Rivers wants to make a significant impact with this, her debut book, in becoming a lasting advocate for those who have experienced spiritual abuse and an inspiration and a symbol of hope for those seeking healing and understanding from, and because, of that abuse.

The Courage to Leave: A Memoir of Escaping and Moving Forward From Spiritual Abuse book can be purchased online at the Internet website Amazon.com. in a 275-page paperback or various kindle formats (auto delivered by download onto a smartphone, computer tablet, laptop, or desktop computer- no kindle device is required to obtain the download) by clicking on the following link or typing it as is onto a computer Internet address line: 

The paperback is available immediately on Amazon and sells for $9.99, plus shipping to be determined after book is purchased.  The kindle version is $2.99 and will be auto-delivered to the purchaser’s kindle, starting on November 7.

-Details used in this article about the book were provided by Emily Rivers-