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Largest Fentanyl Seizure in Avery County History

The Avery County Sheriff’s Office would like to announce a significant arrest in our efforts to discourage illicit drug sales in Avery County.  On April 14, 2023, Avery County Criminal Investigations and Narcotics Division investigators served a search warrant on a residence in the Ingalls community and located what is being described as the largest Fentanyl seizure in Avery County history.  The Fentanyl located was both in powder form and pressed pill form.  Investigators also located a large amount of Methamphetamine and handguns in the residence. The two individuals located at the residence have been arrested and charged as follows:

A 40 year-old and 32 year old female have both been charged with

            -Trafficking Opium or Heroin

            -Traffick in Methamphetamine

            -Possession with intent to Sell/Deliver Methamphetamine

            -Possession with intent to Sell/Deliver Schedule I Controlled Substance

            -Possession with intent to Sell/Deliver Heroin

            -Possession with intent to Sell/Deliver Marijuana