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High Country Caregivers Honors Veterans Raising Grandchildren with Special Luncheon

To celebrate Veterans Day, High Country Caregivers, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting kinship caregivers, is excited to announce a heartfelt luncheon event dedicated to the unsung heroes among us – veterans who have taken on the extra challenge of raising their grandchildren. The luncheon, scheduled for November 10 will be held Grace Lutheran Church in Boone and promises to be an inspiring and heartwarming occasion.

The luncheon will bring together veterans from Watuagua, Wilkes, and Ashe Counties who have selflessly stepped up to the plate, providing a stable and loving home for their grandchildren, often in the face of unique challenges and sacrifices. High Country Caregivers recognizes their dedication and commitment, and this event is a small token of appreciation for their extraordinary efforts. Taz Kim, a veteran with 20 years of service in the Air Force, including two deployments in Afghanistan, will address veterans on the topic of invisible injuries.

Jacob Willis, Executive Director of High Country Caregivers, expressed his heartfelt gratitude, saying, “At High Country Caregivers, we understand the profound sacrifices veterans have made to protect our nation, and we’re deeply moved by the additional challenge some of them bear in raising their grandchildren. These veterans are true heroes, not only to their country but also to their families. We are honored to host this luncheon as a way of saying thank you and showing our unwavering support for their incredible dedication.”

In addition to lunch, this event will offer an opportunity for these remarkable grandparents to connect, share their experiences, and enjoy a well-deserved day of recognition and relaxation. The event will also include a presentation highlighting the invaluable role that veterans who raise their grandchildren play in our community.

High Country Caregivers is a stand-alone, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources for kinship caregivers and their families. Through a variety of programs and with your support, High Country Caregivers works alongside kinship caregivers, primarily single grandmothers, to help them improve the lives of their children. For more information go to Highcountrycaregivers.org. 

For more information about High Country Caregivers and their upcoming luncheon event, please send an email to info@highcountrycaregivers.org