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Boone Drugs Inc. Announces Free Vitamin Program

Boone, NC: Area residents are encouraged to visit their local Boone Drug location and register to receive free vitamins for every member of their household. A 30-day supply of Good Neighbor Pharmacy Complete Multivitamins for children, adults, seniors and pre-natal customers, are available free of charge from the only locally owned and independent drug store in the area. Your neighborhood Boone Drug pharmacist can assist you in getting started with this free program. While it does seem too good to be true, there is never a cost to the customer and insurance is not required. 

“We are committed to the health of our community. This is one way that we can support and care for our neighbors and we’re happy to do it.” says Corporate Pharmacy Manager, Spencer Hodges. 

Here is what you need to know. Visit any of the Boone Drug locations and request to participate in the Free Vitamin Program. You will work with the pharmacist or a pharmacy technician to gather basic information needed for the program. You can sign up for every member of your household to receive one 30-day supply of Good Neighbor Complete Multivitamin per month. You will be able to take your first bottle with you when you sign up, or due to demand, may be asked to return the following day to pick up your family’s vitamins. You can return each month to get your next 30-day supply at no charge to you. 

About Boone Drugs, Inc: Boone Drugs, Inc was founded by Dr. George Kelly Moose in 1919. Company history is closely tied with the development of the town of Boone, NC. Read our history here. 

Currently, Boone Drugs, Inc includes locations ins Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina offering full-service pharmacy care to a large population of patients. Boone’s only independent pharmacy is family owned and committed to providing face to face pharmacy focused on excellent patient care. While each location reflects the unique community which it serves, all provide customers with access to quality medical care from licensed pharmacists, technicians, and registered nurses. Boone Drug provides prescription medications, immunizations, vaccines, health care products, services, home medical equipment, as well as respiratory services.